Our Mission

Providing Insights on User Behavior

We believe there's no better way to build an excellent product than to directly ask your users what they think.


“Every product is unique, if only due to their unique audience. The users get to determine what is valuable, terrible and everything in between.”

Terry Godier (UserInsights Founder)

We believe in user centric products. Over our careers, the best converting products have been those that most closely align with their users goals.

As seasoned internet entreprenuers, we saw the need not only for user testing, but also user insights on various things related to online business. We built UserInsights to help expose you to those insights that only your users can provide.

Meet the Crew Behind UserInsights

  • Terry Godier
    Founder - Development
  • Joe Sinkwitz
    Co-Founder - Marketing
  • George Kepnick
    Co-Founder - Product Manager